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Aqua Alex (Wynand C. Hart)

Aqua AlexPADI Master Instructor & PADI Tec Deep Instructor, EFR Instructor, Sharklife Instructor, DAN Instructor Trainer

Who am I
Everyone calls me Alex or Aqua Alex. I am a PADI Master Instructor & PADI Tec Deep Instructor, I currently hold certificates to teach more than 20 PADI Specialty courses, as well as all the basic courses up to  Divemaster and Assistant Instructor. I can also teach PADI Tec courses. As a DAN Instructor Trainer I also certified to teach the basic first aid & CPR course for use on adults and children including the use of AEDs, Oxygen, etc.

I have logged over 2000 dives in South Africa and over a 100 dives in England. I am completely addicted to scuba diving and just love teaching other people how to enjoy this awesome and actually very safe hobby. In South Africa most of my diving has been done along the awesome coast of the Cape Peninsula with several dives in Johannesburg and Durban. I have logged more than 50 dives deeper than 40m using technical gear & procedures.

Scuba Diving is a passion and a hobby, I do not teach for money but becuase I want to share the joys of the underwater world with people.

I was extremely happy to finally achieve my goal of becoming a technical diving instructor in 2011. And my next goal is to reach 100m and then do a dive with the pre-historic Coelacanths, the main reason why I wanted to get into technical diving. :-)

Why a Yellow Wet Suit
I am really serious about safety and I want my students and customers to have fun while diving and not have to worry where their instructor is. With my yellow wet suit I am the easiest thing to see in the water.

When I am not Diving
I am either busy on some IT contract or doing martial arts.

On Conservation & Courses
I am very passionate about diving and I have been teaching and/or assisting in scuba diving since 2002. I have also been assisting and teaching martial arts since 2002. So I have had good experience teaching people for various activities and have dealt with people on many levels. But the most important thing for you as a potential student is that I am not in it for the money so if you need more time in the pool/ocean/class room then you will be given all the time and attention you need.

I teach classes from 1 on 1, up to courses for up to 12 people. For your safety, as soon as there are more than two students I always bring an assistant with and if there are more than 6 people I will always have at least two assistants. Your SAFETY comes first, but we will have as much fun as possible, for diving is first and foremost a FUN activity.

I am a very big supporter of marine conservation and responsible diving habits.

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Travis Young

Aqua AlexPADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, PADI Tec Diver & EFR Instructor

Who am I

My name is Travis and I love to Dive! I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, which basicaly means that I can teach up to Dive Master level and several specialties. I am also an EFR Instructor, which  means I can teach basic first aid on Adullts and Children, and the use of AED's. I am also a Technical Diver.

I learned to dive in Cape Town when I was 16, and have done over 300 dives. Diving has become my absolute passion, and I love nothing more than teaching people something I am passionate about. Most of my dives have been in Cape Town, but I have done a few dives in warmer water. I love Cape Town diving, as there is such a huge variety of dive sites including wrecks, reefs, shore and boat dives. It is a very safe hobby as long you follow very basic, responsible diving habits and it can become very addictive :)

So far i have only logged a few Tec Dives, but I am looking forward to completing my Tec 50 course. Hopefull I will be learning more about rebreathers as well :-)

When I am not Diving

I am thinking about diving!

On Conservation & Courses

Conservation plays a very big role in my life. I love animals and all forms of life, and believe we have to respect the enviroment. We are only visitors in the underwater world, and the reason we dive is to see animals and places we wouldn't normaly see. It is only respectful to leave these places as you find them, to be enviromentaly friendly but also for future divers who want to share in this underwater world. Take only memories/photographs, leave only bubbles!!

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Jan-Hendrik De Klerk

Aqua AlexPADI Assistant Instructor

Who am I
My nickname’s Jan and I am a water-baby. I started diving in 2007 when I was a poor student. My love for the ocean grew after having a close encounter with two whales on my sixth dive. I went on to get my Divemaster’s certification in 2009 and had the pleasure of working with many people from all over the world since then.

Most of my diving has been done in the False Bay area. I’ve done a few fresh water dives, but still prefer the saltiness of the ocean. My favourite dive site is on the Atlantic Seaboard where the Bos 400 and the Oakburn wrecked. If you have good air consumption, or a big cylinder, you can dive both the Bos and the Oakburn. Also, the Atlantic side usually trades off temperature for visibility, so you get to see a bit better on most days.

In 2011 I opted for a change in scenery. I traded in my fins for Thailand’s whiteboards. I’ve also had the privilege of realising one of my dreams of diving with a Hawksbill turtle on Turtle Island while being here. Coming from South Africa, I was absolutely dumbstruck by the visibility and the water temperature here. Thirty metres viz and 28 degrees were things only found in wet dreams before.

I want to further my diving qualifications once my stint in Thailand is over. I am planning on getting my instructor level certification and doing some more specialities. After that, I may go the tech route as well. Time will tell…

When I am not Diving
I am currently working a very cushy job as a teacher in the sticks. I sometimes think I have too many hobbies. I enjoy martial arts, skateboarding and many other sports. I also enjoy building, fiddling with (and often breaking) and fixing computers and other things.

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