Fun Dives

We offer a wide range of fun dives from Shore and Boat. And we do not wish to re-hash all the iunformation that is available on hundreds of pages about diving in Cape Town, so follow this link to read more about the various dive sites around Cape Town.

Dive/Snorkel With Sharks

Love sharks like we do? Then choose your option :-)

  • Do a Great White Shark Cage adventure
  • Do a Pelagic Shark trip to dive with Blue & Mako Sharks
  • Do an Aquarium dive with Ragged-tooth Sharks
  • Do a Shore/Boat dives with 7-Gill Broadnose Sharks (Cow Sharks)
  • Dive/Snorkel with Seals

    Seals are very cute and act like playful dogs and they are extremely curious. But remember they are still wild animals :-)

    We offer boat dives to dive or snorkel with seals.

    Wreck Dives

    Cape Town offers seceral shore and boat dives to reefs and wrecks. But if you a wreck junkie like Alex, then go check out te wiki travel page to see all the wrecks you can dive along the coast.

    We will arrange shore and boat dive trips to meet your needs.

    Cape Town Diving

    Cape Town offers a range of diving conditions and dive sites. There are very few days that we can not dive.

    See the Wikitravel page to see all the sites available and feel free to contact us with any querries.


    Quarry Dives

    We also have our own freshwater site that is used for deep and technical dive training. Not much to see, but a nice way to experience your first real deep dive and do a safety stop in a tree underwater :-)