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Newest News:

We now have 2 Instructors and 3 Assistant Instructors to assist you with fun dives and training. Also check out our equipment page, we have some specials for April as long as stock last. :-)

Previous tips:

1. PRACTISE forms habit, so dive more and practice doing things correctly
2. STREAMLINE - The more horisontally you swim the less drag and tuck all your hoses and stuff in nice and tight. (more streamline = less air)
3. LEGS - We swim with our legs and not our arms, keep your arms nicely tucked in and use your powerful leg muscles
4. NO RACE - We dive for fun not to win some race, so swim slow and relax, KICK,... KICK, GLIDE
5. WEIGHTS - Re-check weights every 30/50 dives - If you too light you have to swim to stay underwater and a safety stop may be hard to do, if you too heavy you need more air in bcd
6. BREATHE - Breathe deeply and slowly
7. RELAX - Take it easy diving is a hobby and suppose to be fun, do not rush to dive side, rush to get in water, rush through your dive and rush home! Take it easy, live like a Cape Townian who just does not care :-)

SPARES! Keep some spares in your car's glove compartment or boot.
It happens so often that a mask or fin strap breaks or you lose your mask or your fin buckle in the surf. All this way and you can't dive :'(
My suggested Spares kit includes:

  • Mask Strap
  • Spare Mask
  • Fin Strap
  • Fin Strap Buckles
  • O-Rings
  • 3g of Silicon Grease
  • small tub of tooth paste
  • Allen Key
  • Spanners
  • Screw drivers
  • cable ties
  • spare torch
  • spare batteries