DAN Instructor

Course Type: Diving Pro

The IQC follows a modular format. There is a Core Module and then a separate module representing each training program. You can take all existing modules as part of one course, or just take the Core Module and one course module - whatever you are interested in teaching. Later, as long as you remain a current and active DAN Instructor, you can take additional modules without retaking the Core Module. The Core Module is also available online and teaches the Instructor candidate all current Standards and Procedures: this module can be seen as the introductory module for all further modules.

Why do this course

Learn how to teach the various DAN courses to other people. Divers as well as non-divers. DAN Instructors are internationally recognised DAN Instructors get discount on DAN materials and are promoted on DAN's website

Equipment & Materials

  • DAN Core Instructor Manual
  • DAN Instructor Manual for each additional course you wish to do


  • First Aid & CPR Training
  • Current DAN Provider level in all courses you wish to become an Instructor in
  • Active DAN Member
  • Active Divemaster or higher
  • If you are not doing the DAN BLS & First Aid Instructor course as part of the IQC then you need to show proof of having Instructor rating in CPR and First Aid.

Main Skills & Content

After doing the Core module you will need to do a theoretical and practical session for each course you wish to be able to teach.