DAN Diving Medicine for Divers level 3

Course Type: Diving Pro

This final part of the Dive Medicine for Divers series includes topics on gas toxicities, the causes and mechanisms of drowning and the use of an otoscope for examining a diver's ears.

Why do this course

This range of courses, starting with level 1 and ending with the level 3 course, give divers a much better understanding of a range of factors involved in diving. And also teaching some skills not done in normal first aid courses. Very Informative!

Equipment & Materials

  • DAN Dive Medicine for Divers: Level 3 Manual


  • First Aid & CPR Training
  • DAN On-Site Neurological Assessment
  • DAN Diving Emergency Management Provider
  • DAN Diving Medicine for Divers level 2

Main Skills & Content

  • Gas toxicities
  • Partial Pressure Calculations
  • Drowning
  • Causes of drowning for divers
  • Issues of providing care
  • Using an otoscope