PADI Altitude Diver

Course Type: Diving Pro

Anytime you wish to dive between 300m and 3000m above sea level you have to allow for the difference in air pressure at these altitudes and that requires some changes to how we plan a dive and how we dive the plan

Why do this course

Want to explore inland dive sites or some of the wonderful cave systems and mountain lakes? Well then this course is a good idea :-) You will learn the effects of pressure at higher altitudes and how to adjust your dive plan accordingly.
You’ll learn :

  • Altitude dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards
  • Recreational Dive Planners procedures for diving at altitude
  • Safety stops and emergency decompression procedures at altitude
  • Equipment & Materials


    • Be a PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Junior Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another certification organization
    • Be at least 10 years old


    2 Open water dives